Structural Fumigation

Coastal Fumigators has serviced the Houston area for both drywood termite and powderpost beetle problems for over twenty years. We specialize in tent fumigation for homes and commercial properties and have been protecting your most valuable possessions with quality service and care for decades.  Whether it is a craftsman style in the Heights or an antebellum mansion in old Galveston, Coastal Fumigators has the experience to take care of any fumigation need you have. Coastal Fumigators has tarped and fumigated more than 5000 structures since the 1980’s.

Along with fumigation services for the entire structure we can also take care of those smaller jobs on your prized possessions with our on-site fumigation at our Houston address.  Whether it is antique art objects or family heirloom furniture, we can eliminate the pest problems and give you piece of mind that your possessions are insect free.

We are located at 1119 West 34th Street in Houston and can take care of your specialty fumigation needs for furniture and small items as needed. We schedule these services for your convenience Monday through Friday. Call our office for more information and details on scheduling your Heirloom and furniture fumigations at 713-863-7378.

Commodity Fumigation

The team can provide service to all your commodity fumigation needs from wood treatment for export to containers and stacked materials.  The team at Coastal Fumigators has been involved in the fumigation industry as leaders of training and regulation issues which keep us at the leading edge of technology and service for our customers. Our involvement on at the national level keeps us ahead of the competition in trends and industry issues for our customers.

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